Algorithm is a trend intelligence platform that helps make data-based decisions quickly. It extracts data on trend signals, structures it into relevant information, creates business knowledge and gives actionable insight. We use our proprietary Algorithm’s trendwatching methodology to convert unstructured data into insight ideate upon them and then validate ideas for the target audience and market.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Algorithm is all-in-one AI powered trend intelligence solution.
Algorithm is all-in-one AI powered trend intelligence solution.

Just type in a search request. Trend, business case, company… Anything you want to explore. AI algorithm will help you to make effective search.


You will see the results and be able to review the database. If you need, just add favorites, group, filter and sort database entries in the list view. Select signals and send them to a trend map while reviewing database in the table view.

The platform will build a trend map, relevant to your exploration. You can group the map by industry and trend. Review it and select signals to investigate further. Select industry signals clusters with the connected trends and signals and send them to a trend radar. Try map sample here.


Prioritize selected trends and signals on the radar tool across customizable sectors, such as marketing, product, business model etc. Score the most important signals and trends. Select the highest rated and send them to an ideation canvas for further unique ML supported concept development.

Review your concept on the ideation canvas prefilled automatically. Complete ideation canvas by yourself as there are no more effective tool than HI aka Human Intelligence yet. Samples of canvases we use are here. Then concept idea OnePager card will be automatically built.


Your concept can be compared with the market and data enriched with the ML algorithm. For example, you could check relevant target audience and test the idea for it. Check test results sample here. Based on the concept a brief for external online survey provider will be created automatically.